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  • Dosage and administration

    To all the particular peptide and substances that are purchasing from us you enclose a detailed breakdown of the individual - operating instructions, which will do a detailed description:

    how to properly and in what proportion the diluted aqueous solution for injection
    what quantities / individual doses is ideal for you to use when and how often, with regard to your  

    desired goals you want to achieve and individual physical characteristics (age, weight, condition etc.).

    principles and recommendations when using specific peptides and compounds
    proposal of optimal diet and lifestyle to achieve the best results

  • Storage peptides

    Temperature: The peptides are optimally stored at 2-8 ° C, is ideal for this purpose refrigerator (said temperature is usually in the door of the refrigerator). A longer period should peptides not get out of range of the reference temperature, in particular the already diluted (liquid) peptides.

    Shock Peptides: are very fragile substances / compounds that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks (in the reconstituted state), so never shake the vial and do not make sudden movements, again you could their content and effectiveness discarded.

    Light: The peptides are not exposed to solar radiation (degrades their effect, in addition, of course, raises the temperature, which also degrades peptides).

    Safety: Peptides of reach of children, store them safely out of their reach.

  • Application of injections

        1) Essential health and safety rules:

        Before each application the first peptide injection Wash your hands thoroughly.Always use new and unwrapped 100% syringes that were undamaged sterile pack!Never touch the needle with your hands or other objects (if such contact inadvertently occurs, discard the syringe and use a new one)!Never use one syringe several times (multiple use of one syringe increases the possibility of contamination by bacteria needle, and the needle and at the same time each application blunts and damages)!Before needle penetration rubber seal ampoule and skin at the injection site, first thoroughly clean spirituous disinfectant swab!

        2) Types of injection and possible sites:

          Intramuscular injection (administration into a muscle): Intramuscular injection is more suitable for growth factors IGF-1, MGF, and myostatin inhibitors, as they are much more effective and efficient when to injection directly into the muscle, given that these have on them is eventually also work. The most common place is usually side of the front thigh muscles - quads, this application unlike subcutaneous injection may have a slight hurt or be uncomfortable (depending on how sensitive you hit the place, but since it is still a really small needles, and there are perhaps only mild pain , small). The second most frequent site intramuscular injection is the middle part of the deltoid muscle of the arm on the side. This place is a little less access than the upper thigh, in most cases, however, almost painless injection also like subcutaneous injection.    Subcutaneous injection (application of the fat): The administration of the peptides is sufficient most of the so-called subcutaneous administration (application to the fat / points between the top layer of the skin and muscles), and it is not necessary intramuscular (except for just growth factors listed for intramuscular injection) . The most frequently injected subcutaneous injection into the abdomen (abdominal fat on the abdomen front within 8 cm around the navel). Report carried subcutaneous injection in the abdominal fat is painless, simple and inexpensive (the site is easily accessible, visible and achievable hands). Alternatively, it may be pricked with a subcutaneous injection into fat ass, this application is also essentially painless, but the site is already available worse.

        3) Procedure of application of injectable peptides - step by step guide:

        Preparing the injection:Ampoule with peptides after removal from the refrigerator on a clean table. Rubber cap on top of the ampoule, first wipe and clean spirituous disinfectant swab in order to remove any bacteria and dirt from the surface and could not get the needle.Unpack the new unused syringe and remove the plastic caps at both its ends. When the whole handling the syringe, make sure that the needle does not come into contact with hands or unwanted items.Insert the needle through the top rubber stopper into the vial, and reverse it vice versa "upside" of 180 °. Visually check that the tip of the needle is not in the air bubble in the vial socket (if so, please contact NASP vial again and again to the opposite position). Slowly draw a syringe to the required number of pieces of the peptide solution, which corresponds to the required dose. Turn the vial back into the normal position and pull out the needle and syringe. The injection is ready to be applied.
        Injecting:First, clean the skin at the site of spirituous disinfectant swab (Swirl in the radius of at least 3 cm from the point where the needle will go).    Subcutaneous injection (used for all substances other than peptides and IGF-1, MGF, ACE-031 and follistatin): the recommended site of injection of the needle, the area around the abdomen of 8 cm radius around the navel. Attach the needle close to the puncture site and the approx. 45 ° angle of her swift and decisive motion, push the full length under the skin. Smoothly print the contents of the syringe into the body. Wait at least five seconds, a rapid movement of the needle pull it out. Place Deliver wipe spirituous swab.

  • What is Peptides ?

    The peptides are synthesized continuously in all living organisms for the regulation of physiological processes. Peptide hormones and neuropeptides regulate most processes in the human body: The peptides are involved in the regeneration and growth of cells, the proper functioning of the immune system, body metabolism, regulation of sleep, hormone production etc. Peptides affect many physiological factors: muscle growth, performance, endurance and overall physical condition, effectively burning body fat, regenerate all tissues and organs, aging rate (peptides can substantially slow down aging), wound healing, regeneration of joints and tendons, feeling of freshness, energy and vitality, good skin and hair, and many many more.

    Peptides well affect the mental factors such as: memory, behavior, concentration (attention, concentration), learning, peptides promote quality and deep sleep. Peptides positive impact on many determinants of good health: to strengthen the immune system, increase metabolism, lower cholesterol, promote healthy heart, blood vessels, brain, liver and other internal organs, increase bone density, stimulates the production of red blood cells, they cleanse the body - peptides can be strong antioxidant etc. Peptides capable of very effective protection against serious diseases and health problems such as. cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders, tumors, wasting and weakness (muscular dystrophy), bone loss, mental disorders, negative effects of stress and depression (peptides also have neuroprotective effects), skin diseases, various infections and inflammations, hormonal and sexual disorders, infertility, and many more. For example, peptides can even protect against cancer and skin and gives your skin a dark while Otieno and strong tan.

    Peptides can eliminate and remove the serious aesthetic defects and defects: eg. very effectively wipe out or completely remove wrinkles, soften and rejuvenate the skin, strengthen hair growth. Ideal words and no exaggeration to say - peptides have enormous potential to provide a human ideal physical and mental condition, regeneration, freshness, vitality, youthfulness, longevity, good health and overall very high quality of life.

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