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Ipamorelin – 2 mg

Ipamorelin is the latest and the most effective generation of peptides that stimulate the production of the growth hormone (GHR peptides). It is a polypeptide hormone that causes very efficient secretion (release, production) of the growth hormone (HGH) in the body.

Its structure and the amino acid sequence results in an even greater stimulation of the growth hormone (GH), as with other existing GHR peptides (e.g. GHRP-2 or GHRP-6).

Its efficiency is also higher due to the fact that Ipamorelin blocks somatostatin as well (the inhibiting hormone of growth hormone). When using in conjunction, for example, with GHRH-6, GHRP-2 or CJC-1295, Ipamorelin acts synergistically/and delivers even better effect and activity.

It should be emphasized that Ipamorelin is not only the most efficient, but also the safest and selective GH stimulant, since even at over-dosage Ipamorelin will solely stimulate growth hormone, without having an effect on the blood levels of prolactin and cortisol. This feature makes Ipamorelin attractive for professional sportsmen and it is currently arguably considered the best option from among all peptides stimulating the GH production (GHR peptides).

Additionally, Ipamorelin increases the testosterone production, making its anabolic effects acting in the body even greater. Ipamorelin affects muscle growth in a very effective manner, causes the increase in muscle mass and performance, significantly promotes fat burning, boosts immunity, protects the liver, provides anti-inflammatory effects and positively influences sleep –making your sleep even deeper, longer and of a higher quality. Moreover, Ipamorelin improves regeneration, the quality of skin and hair, soothes wrinkles and possesses a powerful anti-aging activity.

The major effects and benefits of using Ipamorelin:

Ipamorelin stimulates the secretion of the growth hormone in a very powerful and efficient manner

Ipamorelin significantly reduces body fat

Ipamorelin helps effectively build muscle mass and muscle strength

Ipamorelin substantially improves muscle definition, its hardness, density and contours

Ipamorelin increases the production of testosterone

Ipamorelin strengthens bones

Ipamorelin delivers an effective repair of joints and ligaments

Ipamorelin improves the quality of skin

Ipamorelin has substantial anti-ageing effects, it can visibly soothe wrinkles

Ipamorelin improves regeneration and it brings a feeling of energy and vitality

Ipamorelin promotes a higher quality sleep

The optimum dosage is 1 mcg of Ipamorelin per1 kg of bodyweight, 3 times per day. For example: If your body weight is 80 kg, you will need at least 240 mcg of Ipamorelin per day (3 doses at 80 mcg to be applied = 240 mcg of Ipamorelin per day in total). For muscle growth goals, Ipamorelin should be taken as follows: the 1st dose 30-40 minutes before a pre-workout meal, the 2nd dose immediately post-workout and the 3rd dose in the evening before the bedtime.

The best combination to be used is Ipamorelin with CJC-1295 peptide when their synergic effect is manifested. For example, if we score Ipamorelin with 2 notional points and CJC-1295 with other 2 points, combined usage of both will not reflect the total of 4 points as the total of their individual activity (2+2=4), but 6 points. Ipamorelin does not cause any known side effects.

Dosage: 200mcg daily minimum, you can increase up to 4 times daily 200mcg

Effects: reducing body fat and building muscle

To reduce fat: combine with HGH Fragment 176, CJC-1295, IGF-1 LR3

Beginner cycle: combine with CJC-1295

Intermediate Cycle: combine with GHRP6, CJC-1295, IGF-1

The optimal duration of the cycle: 3-6 months

For rejuvenating effects combine with: GHRP6, GHRP2, CJC-1295


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Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
Quantity: 2mg


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