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HGH FRAGMENT (176-191) 5mg - Magnus

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HGH Fragment 176-191 Magnus Pharmaceuticals Peptide
Active ingredient: 5mg HGH Fragment (176-191)

Growth hormone alternative, muscle building, burns body fat.

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HGH Fragment 176-191 Magnus

Frag (176-191) is not a hormone mediator, he works himself immediately after injection. Thus carbohydrates and fats which interfere with somatoliberina, such as GHRP-6, does not affect the fragment directly.
Frag (176-191) releases fatty acids from the fat cells that contribute to loss of appetite. The period of work Frag (176-191) in the blood about 3-4 hours.
For constant maximum process weight reduction, you must enter the Frag (176-191) every 3-4 hours.
Frag (176-191) does not cause the production of GR. he is part of G responsible for the fat burning process (lipolysis).

In order to Frag worked most effectively, remember that it is not magic.
It just mobilizes fat. Colitis it for maximum fat burning on an empty stomach. DON'T EAT IT. Go and burn in the gym again mobilized fats. After exercise can not eat it. You can eat only diet foods that are allowed on your gyrosigma diet. We now come to the conclusion that the fragment is ideal for drying.

If you tell me that you are not on a diet ... then I'll tell you why use of a lipolytic agent (Frag (176-191) ? Everything you do with a Frag this frees the fats from fat cells, and if you don't immediately burn them, then do not say that Frag has no use for you.

On the Internet there are a lot of misconceptions and advertising copy that fragment supposedly burn fat 12 times stronger than the growth hormone.
this is certainly not the case.
At equal dosages fragment burn fat equally as well as growth Hormone.
The difference of the fragment is that it simply burns fat and has no side effects like growth hormone.


Frag is just the lipolytic fragment 191ая chain of growth hormone( somatotropin).
The code snippet works no more than 4 hours, thus a suitable single dose of a fragment is equal to the 1-3 unit of a fragment., as well as fat-burning the hormone dose., Growth hormone also works about 4 hours burning fat and if it is applied so it is necessary to prick it with a period of about 4 hours for the most powerful effect.
1 unit for moderate, and 3 units with large needs in fat burning.
in the standard vial contains 5mg fragment, or 15 units.
from this you can calculate your dosage.

I also want to note that the fragment has no other functions besides fat loss, therefore to increase the dose with the aim of muscle growth, etc. has no Foundation.

BUT one thing that is often overlooked is - complexes of fatty acids in the blood which appeared as a result of the work of the fragment.
In fact, because the body sees circulating in the blood of a potential energy substrate that you should use or to carry out any exercise or for the return of deposits in "reserve"
This implies that using a fragment for fat burning don't give it before bed or how-some rest.

for maximum weight loss :

hour 1 - Frag 500mcg
hour 4 - Frag 500mcg
hour 7 - Frag 500mcg
hour 10 -Frag 500mcg

a diet exclusively of protein, is not until the injections not less than 1 hour and 2 hours after the injection.
after each shot required physical activity for at least one hour.

We have the most good prices. We are always happy to see You in our online store.
We have in the store is always only quality drugs!


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HGH FRAGMENT (176-191) 5mg - Magnus

HGH FRAGMENT (176-191) 5mg - Magnus

HGH Fragment 176-191 Magnus Pharmaceuticals Peptide
Active ingredient: 5mg HGH Fragment (176-191)

Growth hormone alternative, muscle building, burns body fat.

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