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Product: CJC-1295 DAC
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
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CJC-1295 DAC – 2 mg

CJC-1295 DAC, also known as Growth hormone-releasing factor (MOD GRF (1-29) or GHRF), is an analog of GHRH (Growth hormone-releasing hormone).

CJC-1295 DAC stimulates the production of HGH and its interaction with GHRH in the body induces the production of the whole “family” of growth hormones (no other GHR peptides have the ability to induce the production of such a wide range of growth hormone such as CJC-1295). A very valuable and unique feature of CJC-1295 is that it has an ability to affect the increase in the count of secretory cells within the pituitary gland, as well as the amount of growth hormone that it can secrete.

The difference between CJC-1295 and CJC-1295 DAC is that CJC-1295 DAC is a version of CJC-1295 with attached so called Drug Affinity Complex (DAC) which substantially extends the duration of its action and effects. This implies that the product will act in the body for much longer than it is typical for CJC-1295 (without DAC), up to 14 days! Additionally, CJC-1295 DAC does not show such a rapid onset (rapid increase in the HGH level) as CJC-1295, and thus it causes rather the stable and proportional increase in the HGH level. Clinical trials have demonstrated that following a single injection of CJC-1295 DAC will increase the level of growth hormone in the blood plasma of 3-10 times over 6 days and will cause the increase in the concentration of IGF-1 to 1.5-3 times over 9-12 days! Due to its long half-life and stable proportional effects, CJC-1295 DAC is becoming more and more popular in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

The major effects of CJC-1295 DAC:                                                                       

CJC-1295 DAC increases the secretion of growth hormone in the blood

CJC-1295 DAC helps achieve significant muscle hardness

CJC-1295 DAC promotes muscle growth and strength

CJC-1295 DAC aids in efficient burning of body fat

CJC-1295 DAC visibly improves skin quality, exhibits rejuvenating effects and soothes wrinkles

CJC-1295 DAC increases the density of bone tissues

CJC-1295 DAC effectively strengthens ligaments and joints

CJC-1295 DAC delivers a positive effect on sleep, regeneration and vitality

The optimum dosing of CJC-1295 DAC is 1000-4000 mcg per week (3-4 equally divided doses). CJC-1295 DAC is not suitable to be taken alone and it is often combined with GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin or Ipamorelin to achieve a synergic activity which significantly increases the growth hormone level (HGH)

Based on users´ experience, the most popular combination is CJC-1295 DAC with GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 and ginseng, which is considered as one of the top for muscle building goals. After completing this treatment, many sportsmen reported their muscle mass increase by 6-9 kg during the period of 6 to 8 weeks, as well as the increase in strength and performance by approx. 20%. Additionally, old joint and ligament injuries stopped aching and experienced recovery.

Dosage: 1000mcg week minimum, optimum increase to 2 times weekly 1000mcg

Benefits: reduction of body fat

To reduce fat: combine with HGH Fragment 176, CJC-1295 without DAC

Cycle for muscle building: combine with GHRP2, GHRP6, IGF-1, MGF

The optimal duration of the cycle: 3-6 months

For rejuvenating effects combine with: GHRP6, GHRP2, Ipamorelin


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Product: CJC-1295 DAC
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
Quantity: 2mg

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