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Selank - 5mg Magnus

Description of Selank
Selank-peptide, the active substance of which is the selank. Having pronounced anxiolytic and nootropic properties, selank is used to eliminate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear. The drug is recommended for admission to athletes in responsible competitions, in conditions of a sharp increase in physical activity.
The selenium acts on the central nervous system through the main active substance, which is a neuropeptide. Its feature is the activation of the action with greater severity of pathological processes.
How to take Selank
Injection subcutaneously / intramuscularly. The optimal dose: 300 mcg - 1 mg divided into 2-3 doses.

Effects of the peptide Selank. Selank in healthy people increases the tolerance of stressful situations, including reduces the level of emotional tension, anxiety and fear;
• Optimizes the higher cortical functions of the brain (speech, attention, thinking, coordination of movements);
• supports and restores mental performance;
• improves memory due to the influence on all (!) Stage of memorable trace formation (memorization, processing / structuring, information reproduction)
• Improves concentration of attention, especially in conditions of nervous-mental fatigue (for example, a student session);
• Relieves mental fatigue (for example, mental fatigue with monotonous operator activity);
• stimulates physical, including fine, working capacity;
• increases the adaptive capabilities of the human body in extreme situations
At the same time Selank:
• does not adversely affect the parameters of the cardiovascular and other important body systems;
• has no allergenic and immunotoxic effect;
• does not cause addiction and withdrawal syndrome;
• does not reduce the resistance of the body to mental and physical stress;
• does not exert a depleting effect on the body

Possible side effects of Selank
Because of its rapid rate of cleavage, Selanche is a very safe preparation, cases of overdoses and intoxications have not been detected. However, in rare cases, there may be individual allergic reactions to the drug, in which case the process of taking is to be stopped.
Selank Reviews
Selank has long been in the first-aid kits of many people, as an effective and safe means for relieving emotional stress, and also increasing the concentration and attention of its host. Many pharmacological enterprises serially produce selank. An important plus of the drug is the almost complete absence of side effects and excellent effect on almost every person. Therefore, reviews about the selank almost always have only a positive connotation.
Buy cheap and profitable Selank
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Selank - 5mg Magnus

Selank - 5mg Magnus

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