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HGH Fragment | 2mg | PEPTO-PRO

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Product: HGH Fragment (176-191)
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
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HGH Fragment (176-191) – 2 mg

Researchers have found out that a property of the growth factor to facilitate body’s fat burning is given solely by the short part located at the terminal end of its molecule chain (a part smaller than 10 % of its size). This part is particularly consisting of a sequence of 176 to 191 amino acids.

Researchers were able to separate this particular part of the growth hormone chain to create the HGH Fragment 176-191 peptide –an extremely efficacious fat burner which has an ability to break down also solid and dense adipose tissue very effectively (the most resistant and the most problematic stationary fat, e.g. abdominal fat. It is meant to be 12.5 times more effective than the regular growth hormone for the fat burning!!

HGH Fragment is currently one of the most effective fat burners that ever existed! HGH Fragment significantly improves lipid profile and a lipogenetic activity. It significantly decelerates lipogenesis (the formation of fatty acids), meaning that after its effects resolve (excessive fat is burn out), it is not associated with the so called yo-yo effect and the fat amount does not return to the original level. HGH Fragment has also a very positive impact on the overall physical fitness, it increases and accelerates metabolism and energy production and after taking it you will experience an influx of energy and vitality. Taking HGH Fragment on a regular basis will increase the level of your own IGF-1 hormone which has potent anabolic and regenerative effects. In addition to all the aforementioned attributes, HGH Fragment also provides a number of other advantages: HGH Fragment has no unfavourable effects on the blood glucose level (it is not associated with hypoglycaemia), does not influence insulin and does not cause proliferation (division) of the cells (hyperplasia of the internal organs is therefore excluded).

The advantages and the major effects of HGH Fragment 176-191:

HGH Fragment is an extremely efficacious fat burner which has an ability to break down very effectively even the most resistant and dense abdominal adipose tissue

HGH Fragment is 12.5 times more effective than the regular growth hormone when it comes to fat burning!!

HGH Fragment increases the IGF-1 production which ensures potent anabolic effects (muscle growth and the increase in strength and endurance) and perfect overall regeneration of the body

HGH Fragment increases metabolism and energy production, and delivers a great influx of energy and vitality

HGH Fragment improves lipid profile and possesses a lipolytic activity

HGH Fragment does not cause cell proliferation (organ hyperplasia)

HGH Fragment has no impact on the glucose and insulin level

HGH Fragment effectively slows down the aging process, possessing a strong anti-aging effect and having a positive impact on skin and hair (as a result of the significant increase of the IGF-1 blood level)

HGH Fragment strengthens bones

In short, HGH Fragment is a very potent and efficacious fat burner, with no other undesirable or side effects!

The optimum and essential daily dosing of HGH Fragment for individuals up to 95 kg which ensures very effective fat burning is 1000 mcg divided into 3 equal doses, with the interval at least 6 hours between the doses:

1. HGH Fragment injection at the dosage of 300 mcg in the morning after waking up, approx. 1 hour before breakfast

2. HGH Fragment injection at the dosage of 300 mcg approx. 30 minutes pre workout or physical activity (in non workout days 1 hour prior to lunch)

3. HGH Fragment injection at the dosage of 400 mcg before going to bed.

The recommended duration of the treatment with HGH Fragment is 2-3 months, after completing this cycle a break is recommended. To achieve the fastest results, the maximum daily dosage is 2000 mcg, divided into 3-5 doses per day.

HGH Fragment can be used alone or it can easily be combined with other various peptides. For example, if you desire to burn the fat, as well as to improve your muscle mass, couple HGH Fragment with CJC-1295 or CJC-1295 DAC; if you wish to burn the fat and additionally to gain muscle mass, couple HGH Fragment with Ipamorelin.

Dosage: 250mcg daily minimum, you can increase up to 1000mcg daily

Effects: reducing body fat and building muscle

For fat reduction: Combine with CJC-1295 DAC or CJC-1295

Beginner cycle: combine with CJC-1295

Intermediate Cycle: combine with GHRP6, GHRP2, CJC-1295, IGF-1

The optimal duration of the cycle: 2-3 months

For rejuvenating effects combine with: GHRP6, GHRP2, CJC-1295 Ipamorelin


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HGH Fragment | 2mg | PEPTO-PRO

HGH Fragment | 2mg | PEPTO-PRO

Product: HGH Fragment (176-191)
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
Quantity: 2mg

Path: > HGH Fragment | 2mg | PEPTO-PRO

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