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Product: Melanotan-2
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Melanotan-2 – 10 mg

Melanotan-1 is a synthetic melanocortin peptide hormone (an analog to the melanocytes stimulating hormone – MSH) which increases the tanning process by stimulating melanocytes to produce melanin as a protective pigment. Melanin protects the skin against sunburns and other damaging effects of the sun or a tanning bed exposure.

Melanotan-2 was first synthesized at the University of Arizona. Researches there knew that one of the best defences against skin cancer was the sufficient activity of melanin in its cells, i.e. the tanning. Based on this finding they suggested that the most effective way to protect against skin cancer would be to induce the body’s natural pigmentation to develop a protective tan prior to the UV exposure. The body’s naturally occurring hormone α-MSH causes melanogenesis - a process by which melanocytes produce the skin’s pigment (melanin). The natural α-MSH has too short half-life in the body to be used as a therapeutic drug. So they decided to find a more potent and stable hormone - an alternative that would be more practical and that would meet the required criteria. The result of their effort is Melanotan-2 with the prospective to be widely used in the future not only for the stimulation of the tanning, but also as a drug for the prevention of melanoma – skin cancer.

In addition to the tanning, which is its major effect, Melanotan-2 can also increase libido and improve sexual functions in both men and women. A research has also shown that the injection of the Melanotan 2 peptide can degrade human’s appetite, so if you suffer from overweight, Melanotan can assist you with the weight loss. For this purpose, it is the best to use Melanotan 2 in the combination with HGH Fragment that acts as an extreme fat burner.

In May, 2010 the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA – Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) became the first governmental health organization ever to officially approve Melanotan-2 as a drug for the therapeutic use in Italians to reduce painful photosensitivity. Since that time Melanotan became popular and it is now generally used as an excellent remedy for sunburn.

The effects of Melanotan-2:

Melanotan-2 brings very effective tan and darkens the skin exposed to the UV radiation.

Melanotan-2 is a very efficient drug in the prevention of melanoma (skin cancer)

Melanotan-2 stimulates sexual functions (increasing libido)

Melanotan-2 aids in loosing the body weight by reducing appetite

The recommended dosing of Melanotan-2 is 10 mcg per day per 1 kg of bodyweight. When your body weight is e.g. 100 kg, you should use 1000 mcg of Melanotan-2 once a day. For the best results, one bottle (vial) of Melanotan-2 containing 10 mg of the active substance should be reconstituted in 2 ml of sterile water (solution for injection). Be patient, results will become evident gradually in the course of the following 1-3 weeks. Melanotan-2 should be administered daily, until the desired tan and skin tone is achieved. For the accelerated effect and pigmentation, simultaneous sun tanning 3 times a week is recommended (on the sun or a tanning bed).

Melanotan-2. Once the desired level of tanning is reached, the frequency of using and dosage to maintain it should be reduced to 1-2 per week. Note – the more you will expose your skin to the UV radiation (from a tanning bed or the sun) combining it with Melanotan 2, the deeper and darker tanning you will achieve (Melanotan-2 stimulates the body to produce its own melanin which leads to the darker skin tone development as a reaction to the exposure to the UV-radiation, instead of sunburns and skin redness). Melanotan-2 delivers a good tan only when the skin is exposed to the UV radiation. If we avoid tanning on the sun or a tanning bed and restrict only to the usage of Melanotan-2, then the effect will not be so excellent.

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Melanotan-2 |  PEPTO-PRO

Melanotan-2 | PEPTO-PRO

Product: Melanotan-2
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
Quantity: 10mg

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