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Product: Selank
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Selank – 5 mg

Selank undoubtedly contributes to keeping your body in a good mental condition and mental well-being which can be reflected in the intensification of all types of metabolism and proper functioning of all organs and organ systems, including e.g. nervous system, immune system, endocrine or cardiovascular system.

The prolonged stress leads to disruption of regulatory and metabolic processes in the body, causes development of the oxidative stress and functional disturbances which may over a certain period of time progress into severe diseases (such as e.g. hypertension, diabetes, anxious disorders, strokes, etc.). Selank is a perfect prevention measure designed for the elimination of harmful effects of stress and the fatal diseases listed above which may rapidly deteriorate the quality of life or they may potentially cause death.

The effects of Selank:

Selank improves the ability to receive information and the learning ability

Selank decreases the level of emotional tension, anxiety and fear, it has calming effects and it neutralizes effects of the stress

Selank optimises the higher cortical functions of the brain (speech, concentrations, thinking, coordination of movements)

Selank maintains and restores mental performance

Selank improves memory (remembering, information processing/structuring, recalling of memories)

Selank improves concentration, particularly related to mental fatigue

Selank keeps the body in a good mental condition and mental well-being

Selank reduces mental fatigue (e.g. mental fatigue associated with a monotone activity as an operator)

Selank stimulates physical performance

Selank increases the ability of the human body to adapt in extreme situations

Selank aids in dealing with conflicts, financial problems, stress, love issues, etc.

Selank has none of the following attributes:

Selank has no unfavourable impact on the cardiovascular system or other important body systems

Selank has no allergenic or immunotoxic activity

Selank has no addiction potential

Selank has no sedating effect on the body

Selank has no undesirable effect typical for traditional sedatives (it does not cause lethargy, drowsiness, disturbances of concentration, memory and motor coordination)

Selank has literally no side of harmful effects

Selank is a regulatory peptide, a synthetic analogue of human immunoglobulin G (Tetrapeptide Tuftsin) developed by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It provides stable anxiolytic and neuroprotective effects and in the medicine, it is used mostly for the treatment of patients with generalized anxiety disorders. Selank delivers mental relief identical to conventional sedatives (Relanium, Alprazolam, Phenazepam, etc), yet without an addiction potential and side effects typical for sedatives (disturbances of concentration, memory and motor coordination).

Selank is harmless even at the dosage exceeding 500 times the therapeutic dose. Selank can be successfully used to suppress the feelings of fear and anxiety in people with anxiety disorders, to treat neurotic patients, to stimulate learning and memory in healthy people, to neutralize the effects related to stress, as well as the prevention of mental disorders or fatigue. Selank is a unique drug, having no comparable competitor in the whole world. Selank was awarded by a gold medal and diploma at the International salon of innovations on April 20, 2007, Geneva – in the category of neuroprotective effects.

Usage of Selank by healthy people:

The optimum daily dosage of Selank is 300 mcg 2-3 times per day.

Storage condition:

Selank should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 8°C (refrigerated).


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Selank | PEPTO-PRO

Selank | PEPTO-PRO

Product: Selank
Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO
Quantity: 5mg

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